Poliomyelitis Outbreak Response Plan for Australia

This document was compiled by the Office of Health Protection in the Department of Health.

Page last updated: 23 January 2019

The Department of Health has prepared this Poliovirus Infection Outbreak Response Plan for Australia (Plan) in consultation with key stakeholders. It clarifies roles and responsibilities for the states and territory health departments, advisory committees, organisations and clinicians involved in disease surveillance and control in the event of an outbreak of a wild poliovirus (WPV) or circulating vaccine derived polio virus (cVDPV) case in Australia. This Plan was updated in January 2019.

A single confirmed or probable case of WPV or cVDPV poliovirus infection (as defined by the national notifiable diseases surveillance case definition) is considered an outbreak and would trigger activation of this Plan.

Further information on the status of polio in Australia and polio surveillance can be found on the Polio Surveillance page.