NAMAC Committee overview

This page contains an overview of the National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee (NAMAC).

Page last updated: November 2010

The then National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee (NAMAC) was formed in February 2001 as a technical advisory group to the then National Public Health Partnership (NPHP) reporting through the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia (CDNA).

The Committee is required to make recommendations on arbovirus and malaria surveillance, strategic arbovirus and malaria disease management and vector control. The Committee is also required to provide expert technical advice to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) on arboviruses and malaria and to assist in the detection, management and control of real or potential outbreaks of arboviral and malarial disease.

Members of the Committee have expertise in disease surveillance, virology, vector control and quarantine and represent agencies with a substantial interest in this area. Dr Jenny Firman, Office of Health Protection, Australian Government Department of Health, is the chair of NAMAC and secretariat support is provided by Mr Phil Wright, Zoonoses, Foodborne and EID Section from the same Division.