Evaluation of the My Health Record Participation Trials

Page last updated: 04 May 2017

In July 2012, My Health Record (then called Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record) was launched. This is a secure online summary of a person’s medications, diagnosed illnesses, treatments, allergies and tests. Each person can control what goes onto their My Health Record, and who is allowed to see it. For healthcare providers, knowing more about a patient’s medical history can lead to a better understanding of what is happening, and result in better treatment decisions.

In most parts of Australia individuals need to actively register for a My Health Record. From March to October 2016, trials of different participation arrangements were run. The trials were of opt out arrangements in Northern Queensland and the Nepean Blue Mountains of New South Wales area, and innovative approaches to opt in in Western Australia and Ballarat. The aim of the trials was to understand consumer reaction to different participation arrangements, as well as healthcare provider usage and upload of clinical information to the patients’ records, when most of their patients have a My Health Record.

These trials were conducted as a collaboration between the Department of Health (the Department), Primary Health Networks, the state health departments and relevant hospital and health services. An independent evaluation of the trials commissioned by the Department of Health was conducted by Siggins Miller Consultants to look at the outcomes from these trials. The Evaluation of the Participation Trials for the My Health Record is available below. It will be used to inform future recommendations to the Government about the participation arrangements to best bring forward the benefits of the system to healthcare in Australia.

PDF version: Evaluation of the My Health Record Participation Trials (PDF 4397 KB)
Word version: Evaluation of the My Health Record Participation Trials (Word 2614 KB)