Improving the quality and safety of Medicare diagnostic imaging services - Regulation Impact Statement (RIS)

Improving the quality and safety of Medicare funded diagnostic imaging services through the enhancement of regulatory and accreditation requirements

Page last updated: 28 July 2015

Invitation to comment

The Department invites comments from interested individuals or organisations on this consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) before 5pm, Thursday 25 June 2015.

Comments are sought on:
  • the likely regulatory impacts and costs of the proposals on consumers and businesses
  • matters relevant to the implementation of the proposals
  • any additional proposals not included in the regulatory impact statement

Consultation documents

Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Improving the quality and safety of Medicare funded diagnostic imaging services through enhancement of regulatory and accreditation requirements. Submission template on which to prepare your submission.

Consultation Timetable

Document released for consultation on Thursday 14 May 2015.
Interested parties to respond before 5pm, Thursday 25 June 2015.

About the consultation

The purpose of this Consultation RIS is to seek public comment to help inform the Australian Government in decision-making on proposed changes to regulatory and accreditation requirements to improve the quality and safety of Medicare-funded diagnostic imaging services.

This Consultation RIS:
  • describes the existing regulatory framework
  • documents problems associated with the existing regulatory framework
  • outlines the objectives for reform
  • suggests proposals for reform
  • invites comments on likely impacts of implementation of the suggested proposals
In addition to this call for written submissions, there will be further consultation via stakeholder meetings to further discuss and clarify feedback received in formal submissions.

The RIS will be revised, drawing on feedback received during stakeholder consultation, including feedback on potential costs and benefits associated with the proposed options.

The revised RIS will be subject to a further targeted consultation with key stakeholders, before being finalised for consideration by Government.

The intention is for any proposed changes to be implemented with sufficient time for diagnostic imaging practices, and requesters and consumers of diagnostic imaging services to incorporate the changes into their arrangements.

Content of submissions

Submissions may address any, or all, of the options proposed or other identified issues. Additional options may also be proposed. In relation to specific options proposed in the RIS, submissions might also address the any of all of the questions, included in the submission template, on which the Department is seeking further information in order to allow for the progression of the RIS.

In addition you may wish to consider in your comments:
  • The appropriateness and feasibility of the proposals.
  • Whether the proposed changes will address current concerns with the Regulations in the diagnostic imaging sector.
  • Potential cost impacts.
  • Potential workforce impacts.
  • Patient access to appropriate imaging.
  • Rural and remote access for patients.
  • Time required to implement the potential changes.
  • Impact on both smaller diagnostic imaging practices and larger practices.
  • Any other comments, questions and concerns that relate to the proposed options.


All submissions received will be placed on the Department’s Internet site, unless marked confidential. Any confidential material contained within a submission should be provided under a separate cover and clearly marked "In Confidence". Reasons for a claim to confidentiality must be included in the space provided on the Department’s submission coversheet. For submissions made by individuals, all personal details, other than your name, will be removed from your submission before it is published on the Department's Internet site. In addition, a list of parties making submissions will also be published on the Department’s Internet site. If you do not wish to be identified with your submission in this "list of parties" you must specifically request this in the space provided on the submission coversheet.


Submissions, and any enquiries about this consultation process, should be forwarded via email to Diagnostic Imaging and Accreditation.