Health Connect

HealthConnect was a change management strategy funded through the Commonwealth Government and facilitated through a partnership with State and Territory Governments.

Page last updated: 25 August 2017

HealthConnect implementations leveraged existing eHealth projects and infrastructure, and progressed towards compliance with National E-Health Transition Authority and other nationally agreed standards to improve the availability of information in the health sector.

HealthConnect strategies were developed to benefit consumers and healthcare providers through making information more readily available and transferred more accurately, quickly and securely between health care professionals.

HealthConnect was managed under national eHealth governance arrangements established by all Australian Health Ministers as a joint Australian, State and Territory Governments’ initiative. The outcomes this program aimed to achieve were to:

    1. deliver enhanced clinical communication through standardised clinical messages;
    2. enhance safety and quality through a shared electronic health record;
    3. integrate models of care through a shared electronic health plan;
    4. make life-saving information available in emergencies;
    5. enhance primary care communications networks; and
    6. allow consumers to be more able to manage their health care.
The divergent nature of the implementations that were undertaken resulted in different projects contributing to the achievement of these national outcomes in a way that considered local needs.

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