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National Alcohol Strategy 2006 - 2011

In accordance with the National Drug Strategy 2010-15, the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs Standing Committee on Alcohol will be responsible for developing a new National Alcohol Strategy.

The National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2011 was developed as a response to the patterns of high risk alcohol consumption that are prevalent in Australia. It is estimated that about 3200 people die as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and around 81,000 people are hospitalised annually. The cost to the Australian community of alcohol-related social problems was estimated to be $15.3 billion in 2004/05.

The strategy was endorsed by the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (MCDS) in May 2006 and was developed through collaboration between Australian governments, non-government and industry partners and the broader community. It outlines priority areas for coordinated action to develop drinking cultures that support a reduction in alcohol-related harm in Australia. 

The four priority areas that have been nominated as the focus of the strategy are:

  • intoxication
  • public safety and amenity
  • health impacts
  • cultural place and availability
The process to develop the strategy involved an extensive public consultation phase with 23 consultation forums hosted around Australia in both regional and metropolitan locations. This was followed by a more focused consultative phase and a review of the most recent research literature and other data documenting trends in alcohol consumption and harm, leading toward the finalisation of the strategy for consideration by the MCDS. In total approximately 1,000 stakeholders including members of the public, liquor licensing authorities, police, local government, the health sector and the alcohol beverage and hospitality industry have contributed to the development of the strategy.

The responsibility for implementing the recommendations is spread across jurisdictions and across portfolios and stakeholder groups. The recommendations from the strategy will guide the development and implementation of a policy framework to respond to alcohol-related harm in Australia. 

On 24 April 2009, the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy approved an extension of the term of the current National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2009 until 2011.

All references to the National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2009, complete or partial, should be read as National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2011.

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